So, you want to be an Entrepreneur?

What does it take to be an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship takes many titles, there’s technological entrepreneurship, opportunities entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and even intrapreneurship but one thing these men and women all have in common is the inclination to start a new business venture.

With 34+ years as a franchisor we know what it takes to build a successful, thriving business. It takes someone who is driven and has the motivation and passion to succeed. Skills and experience play a role but ultimately it is a way of thinking, a mindset. It is about imagining new ways to solve problems and the ability to recognize opportunity.

A manager’s role is to keep the business running smoothly. Entrepreneurs take a different view. They believe in creating the machine and changing the status quo. They have specific motivators that drive them like the need for autonomy and purpose, the desire for financial success and the idea of leaving a legacy for those that follow.

If you are contemplating entrepreneurial pursuits, you should first identify which of the above motivators serve as your guiding force. Then, consider if you have the specific character traits and attributes that will enable you to thrive as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak, there are risks but every great risk ultimately leads to great reward.

Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs embark on this journey determined to bring their vision to fruition and fill a need they see in the marketplace. They open brick-and-mortar businesses, launch tech startups or bring a new product or service into the marketplace. Entrepreneurs can change the way we live and work. These big thinkers are what make our society and economy thrive. They help drive change with innovation and improve the standards of living for many.

When people think of entrepreneurs the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs come to mind. For us, the executives at Signarama, the names that come to mind are those of our over 700 franchisees. At Signarama, our franchisees are entrepreneurs first not just managers. They have that unrelenting desire to build and create a business and we are here to support them on the journey.