If you’ve been researching printing franchise opportunities, chances are you’re excited about getting involved in this booming industry. But you might be wondering if now is the right time to get involved depending on your finances. Opening a Signarama print franchise is a significant investment, costing between $168,000-$172,000 to get started. Many of our franchisees didn’t have that kind of cash sitting in their bank accounts when they reached out to us. There are several ways you can take advantage off printing franchise opportunities by securing financing in innovative ways.

Securing a Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan

Securing an SBA loan is a great way to secure financing for your new franchise. SBA loans aren’t provided directly by the SBA. Rather, they set guidelines for lending institutions to follow, helping new franchisees like you to secure a loan with competitive rates. The SBA is a government agency, and provides this service in order to help strengthen the business economy in the United States. SBA lenders love to see a strong business plan from their applicants, and opting to franchise with an experienced company like Signarama is a great way to show them exactly what kind of business you plan to open.

See What Discounts You Qualify For

Many franchisors offer discounts on their franchise fees to qualifying franchisees. At Signarama, we’re a proud member of VetFran, an organization dedicated to helping veterans begin new careers as franchisees. We’re proud to offer qualifying veterans a discount on our franchisee fee.

Ask About Connections With Lenders

Many franchisors have strong connections with certain lenders that they can take advantage of in order to help their franchisees secure financing. Reach out to us today to learn more about lenders we work with!

Get Creative

Home loans and reverse mortgages are just two of the ways franchisees can take advantage of the equity in their home in order to secure the necessary financing to get their franchise started.

As you can see, not having the entire investment in your bank account doesn’t have to be a deterrent to starting your franchise. With diverse loan options and discounts to take advantage of, there’s no reason not to start exploring which of these opportunities you qualify for. Printing franchise opportunities at Signarama can help you to get involved in an exciting and expanding industry. Why wait? Reach out to us today to learn more about financing options you could qualify for.