If you’re looking for a great franchising option for you and your family, invest in a Signarama franchise! Our business model is ideal for franchisees who are looking for more flexibility in their working hours in order to spend more time with family, or for those who are looking to open their business as a family venture. Here are a few great reasons why franchising with Signarama is a great option for family-minded investors.

Create a Family Business

If running a family business is important to you, invest in a Signarama to create something special together. As a Signarama franchisee, you’ll have the authority to delegate tasks to the staff members you trust. If your working-age children are ready for the responsibility, they can go to work for you right in your own shop! This is a great opportunity for parents and children alike. Parents have the opportunity to teach their children the family business, and children have the opportunity to learn valuable trade skills that will serve them well in your store and beyond. Whether or not all of your family works in the store, you’ll still have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy for your family.

The Flexibility You Need

Many corporate employees are unhappy with their jobs because they’re chained to a nine-to-five schedule for someone else’s benefit. For parents, this rigidity can be especially difficult. It can cause them to miss out on important events like birthdays, school plays, soccer games, and more. If you’re a parent looking for more flexibility in your career, invest in a Signarama franchise! When you become a Signarama franchisee, you’ll spend a good deal of time in establishing your new business. But once the business is up and running, you can make important decisions for yourself about your schedule. You’ll hire a trusted staff that you can trust to delegate important tasks to, allowing you to decide for yourself what you’d like to tackle personally. You’ll be able to decide what hours you’d like to work, when you’d like to take vacations, and more. Best of all, you won’t need to fill out mountains of paperwork in case of a family emergency or illness, freeing you up to provide your children with care when they need it. Whether your goal is to be home every night for dinner by five, enjoy weekends off, or simply have the flexibility to attend important events, invest in a Signarama to enjoy the flexibility you need.

If any of this sounds ideal to you, invest in a Signarama franchise! We love working with families just like yours. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a franchisee!