Converting your independent business into a franchise comes with a lot of factors to consider. As you sift through the options for the best franchises to invest in, two key factors to consider are the franchisor’s culture and values.

With over 35 years of growth in the sign industry, Signarama is the most established brand in the industry. While we’ve proven our success with nearly 800 stores globally, a strong B2B foundation, and 24/7 online ordering, we’ve maintained our culture and values to reinforce our core concepts and keep our stores moving forward.

We’re proud to be a trusted franchise brand in the sign industry. We utilize our recognition to continue building a reputation for innovation, give our franchisees exemplary support, and provide our clients with high-quality products and services.

When you convert your business, you can count on not only our brand recognition, mass purchasing power, and marketing but our culture and values as valuable advantages to help you stand out in the sign industry.

A Community-Focused Mission and Purpose

Signarama is the premier brand of Starpoint Brands. Starpoint Brands consists of a number of award-winning, internationally recognized franchise brands and development services for some of the world’s largest, industry-leading names. Starpoint Brands has grown to over 1,600 franchise locations in over 80 countries, and despite our growth, we never lose sight of our mission and purpose.

As such, we incorporate the Starpoint Brands mission statement within the foundation of our franchise concept:

We have one customer: our franchisee. When they are successful, we are successful.”

This coincides with our commitment to Starpoint Brands’ purpose:

We encourage and help people become successful entrepreneurs, to enhance their lives and the communities around them.”

Giving Back (and Forward)

Signarama takes pride in being a positive force in the communities we serve by embracing Starpoint Brands’ mission and purpose in every aspect of our business. Our successful franchisees will tell you how much they appreciate giving back. We partner with several organizations and participate in many philanthropic efforts at both the local and national levels.

Signs of Support

We give back to local civic, nonprofit, and charitable organizations that need to create or replace effective signage for their mission with the Signs of Support grant program. Our grant types include facility, event, and identification signage.

Corporate Philanthropy

We participate in corporate philanthropy as part of our partnership with Starpoint Brands. Grounded on the belief that corporate philanthropy and active community involvement are key to creating a well-rounded culture, we encourage employees and franchisees to invest and participate in their local communities to improve our world.

Giving Forward at the Titus Center

The Titus Center for Franchising offers unparalleled opportunities for students to hone their knowledge and learn from the most respected leaders in the field, leading to a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in franchising. Students can also receive certificate programs on a wide variety of topics related to franchising. The Center also offers an internship program, as well as job shadowing opportunities.

Signarama founder Ray Titus is committed to the local community and to the expansive global franchising community. Mr. Titus created a community within the franchising industry that values family, personal growth, and fellowship, where entrepreneurs can gain financial independence and establish their legacy for future generations. When you convert to our franchise, we’ll help you do the same with your business.


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