With digital signage becoming increasingly implemented in major end-user sectors, demand is boosting the drive for more businesses to adopt digitized signs. This can be seen within the digital signage market in the U.S., which was valued at $5B for 2020. It is predicted to see growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% to 2028 as advanced technologies become more accessible.

Signarama is an industry leader in the signage market, and since we began franchising in 1986, we’ve seen a lot of changes to the industry over the years. One thing that hasn’t changed is our standard for high quality and communication.

We’ve evolved our franchising model at an incredible rate, and we’re invested in keeping our franchisees ahead of market needs, and one important way to do so is by staying ahead of signage trends for 2022. Signarama keeps up with the latest technological advancements and emerging technology to offer more services to clients than ever before.

What’s Ahead

Starting a business in the sign industry with Signarama is a step toward becoming your community’s go-to resource for other businesses. We help franchise owners capitalize on our B2B foundation, making it easier for franchisees to ride out economic uncertainty and increase networking opportunities for future partnerships.

Our research and development team has us looking to the future to see what’s ahead for the industry. Some upcoming trends that we’re excited to learn more about include:

  • Increasing environmental and social awareness. Younger generations are looking at companies from all perspectives, not just profits. More brands are introducing incentives, discounts, or donations toward a greater cause to increase awareness of environmental and social impacts. One way Signarama franchisees can foster this is by encouraging businesses to update their illuminated signs with LED sign options.
  • Emerging digital signage with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technology is continuing to progress as smart signs are becoming more available in the public sector. Signage and digital displays can now include sensors and voice activation to initiate consumer contact. Signarama is keeping up with the latest in cutting-edge technology.
  • Relying on more cloud-based platforms. Companies can now design, manage, schedule, and update signage via clouds. Doing business is now possible from anywhere in the world, and clouds can help keep companies more organized. Signarama franchise owners can accept and fulfill orders 24/7, providing faster turnaround times and less stress for clients.
  • Keeping it simple. Memorable signage should keep a minimalistic theme as consumers are seeking a simpler approach to branding. Signarama franchise owners can encourage clients to steer away from cluttered designs in favor of more simple ones to get their message across.
  • Utilizing fonts and designs of yesteryear. In recent years, there has been a resurgence in retro designs and fonts as a stylistic way to help brands enhance their identity by connecting to the past. Signarama can help with products that are designed to look like traditional signs but are now much more energy efficient.
  • Incorporating branding in your space. Businesses can take their branding beyond traditional means (signs, website, stationery, vehicle wraps, etc.) and make more meaningful connections with customers through incorporating branding where they operate. Signarama can create more decorative elements to decorate your company’s location.

Take your investment with the Signarama brand further by seeing how you can keep pace and exceed 2022 trends for your customers.

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