There are plenty of questions you need to ask yourself before making any type of franchise investment. Of course, there are a lot of people out there who may think a sign business franchise is not for them. We are here to tell you that the opportunity this investment provides is more inclusive than you thought. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding our sign business opportunities so you can make the best financial decision. 

Is My Background A Fit For A Sign Business Franchise?

It’s a tough pill for us to swallow, but we realize maybe not everyone majored in sign promotion at their respective university. All jokes aside, we know that not everyone has all the experience it takes to run a sign business franchise. Our investors are not required to have any printing, sign, or design experience whatsoever. When you make an investment with Signarama, you are provided all the information you will need to run a successful sign business franchise. This information comes in the form of training and continuous support throughout the timeline of your investment to ensure you are always geared up for success. 

What Does My Investment Pay For?

A proper franchise investment needs to be backed with a clean layout of everything included in your initial payment. For Signarama, we have created a turnkey investment structure that our franchisees know is all to benefit the longevity of their business. The first aspect of our investment includes a franchise fee, which gives you access to all of the resources that come with doing business alongside Signarama. A franchise fee consists of the trademark and logo, as well as an owner’s manual of operations and training information. The next portion of an investment with our sign business opportunities includes required liquid capital and net worth. We want to make sure you have a financial backbone, so later down the road, you will be prepared for any unexpected costs and can focus on the daily responsibilities of owning a sign business franchise.

Is There A Demand For This Service?

Every franchise is designed to find a way to tap into a niche market to satisfy the desires of, hopefully, an extensive pool of potential consumers. If you are unfamiliar with the sign promotion industry, you also might not know about the demand our service meets. Our clients include any business or non-profit that could benefit from the marketing advantages we provide. Therefore, our list of consumers are extensive, present, and always looking for new ways to promote their product. Statistics have estimated that this booming industry could yield a revenue of $18 billion in 2019. With annual growth reaching almost 3% since 2014, your only task will be finding a way to satisfy each new project that comes through your doors. 

Do you think that a sign business franchise has all the answers to the questions in your career? Contact us today, and we can discuss if one of our sign business opportunities can be a fit for you.