Out of all demographic segments rising across the franchising community, veterans have been a standout trend to notice. What franchisors love about bringing on veteran owners is their ability to take a structured concept and run with it. Today we want to touch on a few of the reasons why veterans make great territory owners and let you in on a couple of the reasons to take advantage of Signarama’s veteran franchise opportunities

Why Veterans?

Offering an existing structure is what makes the franchising process run so seamlessly, and franchise owners who are willing and ready to follow that model are typically the business owners that see greater success. Veterans stand out as ideal franchisees because they are disciplined and have the characteristics of individuals with a strong work ethic. They know that the best way to accomplish a mission is to maintain a high level of effort and integrity in everything they do. At Signarama, we like to bring on strong leaders who know how to give orders and delegate as needed. All these qualities align with the makeup of a veteran franchise owner, and it’s also a fantastic way for us to work with individuals who’ve sacrificed so much to preserve our freedoms. 

Rising Trend of Veterans in Franchising

Veterans make up 7% of the population, but what’s even more shocking is that they also make up around 14% of franchise owners. In fact, VetFran estimates that 65% of franchisors have indicated that their rate of hiring veterans has increased in recent years. 

Franchising as a whole is seeing increased popularity, which is a telltale sign that more veterans will inquire about opportunities in the upcoming years. Franchise models currently account for nearly 7.6 million direct jobs and 2.5% of U.S. GDP. The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us how valuable it is to operate a business with a corporate backbone. As more veterans transition into the civilian workforce, we expect that these trends will continue to rise with more interest in veteran franchise opportunities becoming available across our industry. 

Incentives to Invest

Signarama has consistently been recognized as a top opportunity for veteran franchise investors. Thanks to our existing relationship with VetFran, all of the brands under the United Franchise Group offer incentives to active and retired veterans. Signarama currently offers a discounted franchise fee based on the number of years of service:

  • Less than 11 years: 10% discount
  • 11-20 years: 25% discount
  • 20 or more years: 50% discount

We also offer financing options and conversion opportunities, making it even easier from a financial perspective to start a Signarama franchise. 

Are you interested in Signarama’s veteran franchise opportunities? Contact a member of our team for additional information!