Signarama is one of the world’s largest and most well-known sign franchise systems. With over 700 locations globally, Signarama empowers entrepreneurs to start and grow a successful sign, graphics, and visual communications business with the backing of an established brand.

Signarama franchisees benefit from the systems, training, and support provided by Starpoint Brands while maintaining the independence of business ownership. This allows franchisees to tap into Signarama’s decades of experience in the industry while also exercising creativity and initiative in serving their local market.

The Signarama franchise model aims to provide the optimal blend of structure and flexibility. Franchisees can access Signarama’s proven business strategies, marketing platform, and operational knowledge, facilitating growth and profitability. At the same time, they can tailor their offerings to their community’s needs.

In this article, we will explore the success stories of Signarama franchise owners who have leveraged the franchise system to achieve exceptional growth, strong community connections, and robust profitability. Their strategies and accomplishments demonstrate how the Signarama opportunity can empower entrepreneurs to thrive.

Effective Marketing Strategies in the Sign Industry

With so much competition in the sign industry, having an effective marketing strategy is critical for the success of any Signarama franchise. Utilizing digital marketing and social media provides Franchisees with a powerful and cost-effective way to reach local customers. Some key strategies include:

Digital Marketing in the Signarama Franchise Business

    • A user-friendly and search-engine-optimized website allows customers to find their business online quickly. This should be optimized with relevant keywords and high-quality content that answers common customer questions.
    • Search engine advertising through platforms like Google Ads targets prospects actively searching for sign solutions in your geographic area. Well-optimized pay-per-click campaigns can generate a strong ROI.
    • Email marketing to existing and potential customers allows you to share company news, promotions, and helpful content to stay top of mind. Use email automation to nurture leads.

Social Media

    • Maintain active profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and engagement within your community. Share examples of your work, behind-the-scenes photos, promotions, and relevant content.
    • Paid social media advertising lets your micro-target relevant local demographics to promote products and services. Retargeting past website visitors helps drive conversions.
    • Monitoring reviews and interacting with followers humanizes your brand and provides helpful feedback.

Networking & Partnerships in Your Community

    • Joining local businesses and networking organizations expands connections with potential referral partners. Seek opportunities to cross-promote.
    • Building relationships with complementary companies like graphic designers, print shops, and photographers provides a source of leads and beneficial partnerships.
    • Attending trade shows and conferences raises visibility. Looking for speaking and sponsorship opportunities.
    • Partnering with non-profits and community groups on events and sponsorships builds brand awareness and goodwill.

Innovative Sign Solutions

Signarama provides franchise owners with the tools and support to deliver innovative sign solutions for their clients. Leveraging the latest materials and printing technology, Signarama empowers entrepreneurs to think creatively and meet their customers’ signage needs in new ways.

Some of the most popular and impactful sign solutions offered by Signarama franchises include:

Vehicle Wraps

Full or partial wraps for cars, trucks, vans, trailers, etc. Vehicle wraps transform a vehicle entirely into a moving billboard to promote brands and events in a head-turning way. The high-quality vinyl wraps are designed to be long-lasting yet removable. Signarama franchisees work closely with clients to develop custom wrap designs and handle the complete installation.

Window & Door Graphics

Window graphics, etched glass films, and perforated window graphics provide privacy, security, branding, or design elements for retail and office spaces. Likewise, custom decorative and brand-building door wraps help tenants customize their leased commercial space. Signarama franchisees have extensive experience with these graphic solutions to help clients make bold visual statements.

Custom Signs

The range of custom sign solutions from Signarama is endless – from minor yard signs to large, illuminated signs.

Some examples are channel letters, dimensional signs, architectural signs, trade show displays, hanging signs, monument signs, pylon signs, and ADA signs. Signarama empowers entrepreneurs to provide endless custom sign possibilities to meet the needs of their local businesses.

Leveraging Technology

As a Signarama franchisee, you can access state-of-the-art design software, production equipment, and online ordering systems to help your business thrive.

Design Software

Signarama provides franchisees with leading design software like Adobe Creative Cloud so you can create eye-catching logos, vehicle wraps, signage, and more for clients. You can bring your creative visions to life with a robust suite of tools.

Production Equipment

You will also gain access to top-notch production equipment like laser engravers, digital printers, CNC routers, and vinyl cutters. This allows you to produce high-quality signage and graphics in-house efficiently. Signarama’s equipment standards ensure your products meet the brand’s reputation for excellence.

Online Ordering Systems

Signarama offers online design studios and ordering systems to help franchisees provide a seamless customer experience. Clients can design and purchase products right from your website. This convenience builds loyalty while allowing you to focus on production and installation.

Leveraging Signarama’s technology gives franchisees a competitive edge. You will have the tools to create striking products, optimize workflows, and boost profits.

Signarama provides extensive ongoing training and support to help franchisees maximize business success. All new franchisees receive two weeks of hands-on training at Signarama University, where they learn critical operational procedures, sales strategies, production techniques, and management best practices.

The detailed Signarama operations manual is an invaluable reference guide covering every aspect of running the business. It contains extensive information on sales processes, production systems, merchandising, HR policies, marketing tactics, financial management, and more. Franchisees can continually refer to this manual as issues arise.

In addition to initial training, Signarama offers regular webinars, regional workshops, and annual conferences to help franchisees stay up to date on the latest industry trends and innovations. These continual training opportunities allow owners to refine their expertise and remain competitive.

Ongoing support from Signarama corporate and field support teams provides a safety net for franchisees. Whether it is guidance on a new production method or advice on spurring sales during slow seasons, the Signarama support team makes their decades of franchise experience available to business owners. This continual guidance and troubleshooting ensure owners do not have to go it alone.

By leveraging Signarama’s unrivaled training resources, detailed operations manual, and readily available support teams, franchisees can gain the knowledge and confidence needed to operate a thriving sign and graphics business. The company’s emphasis on education empowers entrepreneurs to achieve their full potential.

Community Involvement

Giving back to the community and getting involved with local causes is an essential pillar of success for many Signarama franchises. Participating in charity events, sponsorships, and other community-focused initiatives has several benefits for franchisees.

First, it helps build brand awareness and goodwill. When a Signarama store supports a local charity walk or sponsors the new uniforms for the local Little League team, it raises visibility. It creates positive associations with the Signarama name. Customers remember businesses that care about their community.

Second, community involvement allows franchisees to network and connect with other local businesses and organizations. By getting involved with the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, or other groups, Signarama owners can build relationships that lead to new client partnerships and referrals. It expands their business network.

Third, participating in community events and programs allows Signarama franchises to show off their services and capabilities. Providing signage or branded apparel for a charity golf tournament or fashioning decorative wraps for auction items will enable them to display their work. This free marketing exposes new audiences to the store’s products.

Finally, giving back simply feels good and motivates employees. At Signarama, there are countless heartwarming stories of franchisees volunteering their time and resources to support causes and groups in need. This helps the community and boosts morale and pride for store owners and staff.

Financial Management

Effectively managing your franchise’s finances is critical to long-term success and profitability. Here are some key strategies to focus on:

Managing Cash Flow

    • Maintain a cash reserve to cover operating expenses for at least three months. This provides a cushion for any unexpected shortfalls.
    • Track accounts receivable closely and follow up on any overdue payments. Poor cash flow will hinder operations.
    • Take advantage of any discounts for early payment of bills and invoices. Reducing expenses improves cash flow.
    • Use inventory management software to optimize stock levels. Excess inventory ties up cash unnecessarily.

Controlling Costs

    • Analyze financial statements regularly to identify unnecessary expenses that can be reduced or eliminated. Even small savings add up.
    • Renegotiate contracts with vendors and suppliers periodically to get better rates. Leverage your growing business volume.
    • Implement energy efficiency measures to reduce utility bills. LED lighting, climate control adjustments, and updated equipment are potential areas.
    • Consider DIY options for minor maintenance and repairs rather than hiring outside contractors. However, do not compromise quality.
    • Pricing Strategies
    • Avoid underpricing your products and services. Value your expertise and brand.
    • Offer tiered pricing packages (good – better – best) to meet diverse customer needs.
    • Provide special discounted pricing for high-volume/long-term customers to encourage loyalty.
    • Adjust pricing annually to account for inflation and rising expenses. But do not make drastic increases.
    • Offer customized quotes for large, complex projects. This provides flexibility on a case-by-case basis.
    • Highlight value, not just price. Demonstrate why your solutions merit a premium.

Store Design and Branding

Your store’s design and branding significantly impact brand perception and customer experience. A well-planned store layout, visual branding elements, and professionally installed signage help promote your Signarama franchise’s professional image.

Store Layout

Optimize the layout and flow of your store to make the customer experience smooth and efficient. Guide customers naturally from reception to the showroom to the design consultation areas. Ensure adequate space for product displays, workstations, and customer meetings. A thoughtfully designed store layout demonstrates your capabilities and builds confidence.

Visual Branding

Incorporate Signarama’s branding standards into your store design, including signage, logos, colors, and décor. Display professional photos of completed signage projects and your staff at work. Having cohesive visual branding strengthens your Signarama identity and franchise value.


Professionally installed interior and exterior signage is critical for visibility and communicating with your brand. Utilize signage best practices with impactful designs, strategic placement, quality fabrication, and installation. Well-designed signage attracts new customers while satisfying existing ones. Your storefront and branded vehicles should all coordinate for maximum exposure.

Success Story 1 – Signarama Canoga Park | Supporting an Impactful Community Event

The Southern California “Bull Run” event in November 2022 highlighted the potential for Signarama franchises to support meaningful causes through creative signage solutions. Organized to support men’s health and the Movember charity, the high-profile Lamborghini rally set a new record with over 200 participating luxury vehicles.

Signarama Canoga Park owner Chris Yung played a pivotal role in the event’s second year by providing customized vinyl graphics for each Lamborghini. His team designed and produced over 200 mustache decals – Movember’s signature logo – prominently displayed on the cars’ hoods and sides.

This large-scale project underscored the ability of innovative Signarama franchisees to handle complex, bespoke signage initiatives. By delivering eye-catching graphics aligned with the charity’s branding, Chris strengthened community ties while gaining exposure for his Signarama outlet.

Chris’s support of the Bull Run for two consecutive years demonstrates a long-term commitment to promoting causes he cares about. In addition to benefiting the community, his involvement in high-profile events provides opportunities to highlight Signarama’s capabilities to new audiences and potential customers.

The successful execution and positive exposure from this event are a model for how Signarama franchises can integrate creative signage with impactful community engagement.

Success Story 2: Business Beautification Award | Signarama Columbia West

Matt Vaughn and Michael Quilty, owners of Signarama Columbia West in South Carolina, were recently honored with the Business Beautification Award from the Cayce Beautification Foundation. This prestigious award recognizes businesses that go above and beyond to enhance the aesthetic appeal and community spirit of Cayce.

This award is a testament to Matt and Michael’s dedication to excelling as business owners and active contributors to making their town a more vibrant, beautiful, and welcoming place. Their efforts to provide top-quality signage solutions while investing time and resources into local beautification projects demonstrate a holistic commitment to bettering their community.

As an award recipient, Signarama Columbia West has brought positive attention to Cayce for its impressive blend of business success and civic engagement. Their signage and branding services assist fellow businesses in promoting growth and prosperity, while their community outreach improves the town’s atmosphere and pride. This dual focus exemplifies how Signarama franchise owners can make a real difference commercially and philanthropically.

Matt and Michael consider this recognition an honor and feel motivated to continue pursuing creative beautification initiatives and providing exceptional customer service. Their example underscores how Signarama’s across the country can positively impact their towns when owners dedicate themselves fully to quality craftsmanship and community enhancement. With thoughtful leadership and earnest investment in their surroundings, Signarama owners have tremendous potential to grow a business and strengthen bonds with their hometown’s business community and residents.

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