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The United Kingdom is an exciting market for Signarama. The program we’ve developed in the UK allows new Master License Partners to get started quickly and easily so they can focus on growing their businesses. Our support team has extensive experience with expanding franchise opportunities in the UK, and we’ll work side by side to help you grow Signarama across the country.

A Proven Business Model That Works in Your Country

From running the flagship location to building a sustainable franchise company in your country, we’re there to guide you through the various phases of being a Master License Partner. We’ll utilize our global relationships with key vendors in the signage industry to help you establish the partnerships you’ll need to successfully open and operate your flagship store in your country. Additionally, you can leverage those relationships to help your franchisees.

Flexible Opportunities

With almost 40 years of experience, expertise, and materials, the proven Signarama Master License Partner model works virtually everywhere for the simple reason that every business relies on signage every day to support their business.

Support at Each Step

Setting up your flagship location is a multi-stage process, and you can count on our support at each step.

To start, we’ll help identify and narrow down your options to guide you through finding an ideal site for your business.Then, we will assist you in meeting with suppliers and other vendors you’ll need to run your business. Finally, our launch team will provide in-store training to get your business going!

Income Opportunities

Global Training Support

The proven process of becoming a successful Master License Partner includes two distinct training phases. In the first phase, our support team will teach you how to manage and build your flagship business over two weeks at our Florida Headquarters leading up to your in-country launch. Soon after, you’ll attend Master Franchise Sales Training (also in Florida), which will teach you how to franchise in the UK. We’ll provide you with continued support visits and calls to help you through each stage of the process because your success is at the core of what we do.

Starpoint Brands

Our Brand, Your Country

Signarama has been offering Master Licenses worldwide for nearly 30 years. We have a global reach across most continents and understand the need to localize the business to each market we enter.

Income Opportunities

Income Opportunities

Becoming a Master License Partner means you’ll have multiple recurring revenue-generating income streams. You’ll have the opportunity to profit from your flagship location, as well as franchise sales and the resulting ongoing royalties you’ll earn. We’ll ensure you’re poised to get the greatest return on your investment.

Our Brand Your Country

Brand Awareness

If you like the idea of growing a business in your country while helping other entrepreneurs thrive and grow with their businesses, Starpoint Brands may be the right fit for you. Our brands focus on business-to-business opportunities and provide unique ways to create your sign franchise and make an impact in your area. We offer a turnkey business with a proven system of growth. You’ll benefit from our stellar reputation, brand awareness, and ongoing expertise.

Join the Leading Franchise in the Sign Industry

We provide comprehensive training programs,teaching you the ins and outs of the industry.

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The Four Master License Profit Centers

There are multiple revenue streams you can tap into as a Master License partner. Aside from your flagship location, the real revenue is when you start selling franchises and earn franchise fees. As you open new stores, you’ll collect royalties from those locations and additionally negotiate vendor rebates from your key partners. 

1. Flagship Location

Your flagship location allows you to have an income-generating asset from the very start, earning money for your bottom line while you learn the ins and outs of the industry. 

2. Franchise Sales

Once your flagship has successfully launched, you can focus on selling additional locations in your country. When that happens, you’ll benefit from each franchise sale as you receive the franchise fees for each location sold.

3. Franchise Royalties

You’ll benefit from franchise royalties, the ongoing monthly fees you’ll collect from your franchisees. These royalties will provide you with a consistent revenue stream for providing access to the Signarama brand name and image in your country, along with the accompanying support that follows. 

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4. Franchisee Supplies

You’ll learn how to offer franchisees the products and services in your system that they can order directly from you. When they need to replenish their supply, you will benefit from each new order. This includes supplies, equipment, materials, and systems your franchisees will use.

The Reasons are Clear

We’re passionate about the signage industry, and we’re just as excited for the future of the industry as we were when we launched the business in 1986. This dynamic and ever-evolving industry is a great launching pad for entrepreneurs looking to build successful and sustaining franchise business opportunities in the UK.

The Signarama franchise model has been proven in dozens of countries worldwide, so we know that it will work in your country, too, by offering these clear benefits:

Turnkey Business

Prior industry experience is not required. We’ll set you up with everything you need to succeed as a business owner and Master License Partner as part of our low-cost franchise opportunities in the UK.

Proven System in Place

With Starpoint Brands, you’ll have the sales techniques, processes, and procedures needed to grow Signarama in your country.

Higher Likelihood of Success

Signarama began with a flagship store in the United States and grew internationally only after our franchise model was proven to work. Take advantage of our success instead of going it alone.

Image and Brand Awareness

The world is getting a whole lot smaller, and it’s more likely than ever that your customers will already know the Signarama brand before you even launch your new business. Why not take advantage of our global presence?

Comprehensive Training

Our training is the best in the business, providing two weeks of classroom and practical instruction in the US, followed by training in your country with our global support experts. Your training will intensify again when your flagship grows, and you begin selling Signarama locations in your country.

Ongoing Support

Our ongoing educational opportunities and support don’t stop once you’ve opened up shop. We have a network of franchise partners, including our head office team, who are ready to support you in your franchising journey. We also offer our World Expo, Master License Summits, and regional learning opportunities. We send global newsletters and videos to keep you up to date on industry developments and continued innovation at Signarama. 

Marketing Expertise

You’ll learn our marketing strategies and have access to all the marketing materials we’ve developed to help generate sales at a local level. 

Exclusive Country Rights

As a Master License Partner, you’ll have exclusive rights to develop Signarama in your country. You’ll also be provided opportunities to expand into nearby areas or to add additional brands where you already are.

Every business needs visibility to thrive. Signage has continually proven to be the most cost-effective form of advertising to help companies engage and inform their customers. So wherever there are businesses, there is demand for signage – exactly what we do! 

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Since our first franchise concept, our growth has been exponential.  We now have franchises in over 30 countries, including France, Canada, UK and Australia. With over 380 US locations and over 270 across the globe.

Additionally, we have over 200 employees working from offices in five countries to support our growing locations around the world.   This includes equipment upgrades and training to offer the newest in  accessible signage, including braille and 3D printing capabilities.

At Signarama, our business development team will show you the way to grow your business….


For the last 25+ years Signarama has been ranked in the Franchise 500 list by Entrepreneur Magazine. We are proud of this distinction and intend to keep our place as the sign industry leader by continuing to offer our customers superior, cutting-edge products and services. With the sign industry now being estimated at over $60 billion, and new businesses opening up every day, Signarama is strategically positioned for continued success.


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